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Steel Plate Mesh
Series 1: the center distance is 30mm between mesh holes, which is common and widely applied in industry, abiding by USA creterion, showing best resistant to impact. Widely applied in power plant, refinery, waste water treatment, barn, chemical, highway, expressway, airport, seaport for platform, passage, drainage lid and treadboard. Ribbed plate can show excellent performance in oversea drilling platform.
Series 2: the center distance is 40 mm, which is the most economic and light in weight. Abiding by UK creterion. Used for circumstances with small distance. Widely applied in depot as storage racks, face plate in pavilion, trestle, protection plate and sunshield.
Series 3: the center distance is 60mm, which is designed for mining industry, with holes of 50*60mm, allowing dropping mine kernels to get through. Widely applied in knapper for plate, holder of conveyor belt, ball grinder, mill and hub.
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